Finding LCBO or Beer Stores in Ontario

Find the nearest LCBO, Beer store or Wine Rack location right on your Android and check their operating hours. Avoid driving around to find a store or drive to one when it is not open! Make use of the Ontario Booze Finder free Android app and save time!
The application uses Android's GPS to locate multiple LCBO or Beer Stores nearest to your position then displays them on a map or a list sorted by distance nearest to your current position.
Check out the operating hours for each store and see if they are open or not. The store's phone number is also available for your convenience.

You can get directions to the location you would like to go to using Google maps directions. The app can work in offline mode (data connection is not required), so the nearest store can be found without using your data plan (Although offline mode does not support driving directions and Google maps).

Select the I am feeling lucky menu item, or shake your Android device to find the store nearest to your current location.

You can also share the nearest LCBO or beer store location with your friends on Facebook, Twitter, email or whatever any other share applications installed on your Android
For more details search for "Ontario Booze Finder" on the Android Market with your Android.